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The 5 Don’t Do’s with Content Marketing

In our previous article, Content Marketing vs. Advertising: Who Wins the Battle?, we mentioned several advantages of content marketing over advertising. The gains include the ability to increase brand exposure economically, explore new markets through lateral communication, and improve competitiveness Read more

Content Marketing vs Advertising: Who Wins the Battle?

People consume information differently today. We no longer flip through the Yellow Pages to find contact information or watch TV commercials to hear about the latest movie releases. We’re proactively reading tweets and blogs to stay on top of the latest trends. What does this shift imply for marketers? Read more

3 Skills Every Marketer must Have in 2014

With an array of exciting events happened this year (i.e. Twitter IPO and the release of multiple Apple devices), many marketers are expecting even greater things in 2014. However, while many marketers are ecstatic about the future, many are concerned about how upcoming changes will affect them. Read more