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Content marketing

Marketing to Generation Z

Understanding your audience is a critical requirement in developing marketing content. Here are three ways B2C marketers can cut through the clutter and resonate with Generation Z consumers. Read more

8 Best Blogs to Follow About Content Marketing

Learning from expert content writers is one of the best ways to improve your content marketing skills and knowledge. Here are eight blogs you should follow to learn about the latest news, best practices, and tools in content marketing: Content Marketing Institute The name of the website says it all ..... Read more

5 Must-Know Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

While many small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) understand the importance of content marketing , many lack the resources and expertise to develop an effecitve content marketing plan. We have interviewed Heather Martin, a SEO and content marketing expert with more than 20 years of marketing ..... Read more

4 Implementation Essentials in Content Marketing

SEO best practices have shifted to emphasize content. Google and other search engines have always tried to return relevant results and these days content marketing and SEO are interconnected. That’s why developing and executing an effective content marketing strategy is one of the most ..... Read more

8 Analyses You Should Perform in a Content Audit

A content audit is a major part of the P.A.C.E. digital marketing audit which helps you determine whether your content is optimized for search engine and aligned with your messaging and marketing goals. Here are eight analyses you must perform if you want to do your own content audit (related ..... Read more

Why Show Newsletters More Respect

In 2014, at least three surveys stated that email marketing was the most effective digital marketing tactic. Ascend2, Gigaom Research, and eConsultancy all produced similar findings. It’s not as glamorous as social media or as tech-sexy as search marketing, but the Inbox delivers results. Read more