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To Start-ups Who Want to Improve Their Branding

Developing a strong brand image, establishing targeted brand position, and gaining brand equity are critical to the success of a start-up; the achievement of these attributes will help you gain the brand value you need to attract potential customers and convert sales. To help start-up companies ..... Read more

5 Branding Best Practice Every Company Should Follow

A strong brand helps a company stands out from the crowd; consumers love brands that have a strong identity, trust the quality of the companies’ products, and believe in their superiority. How a brand is perceived plays a vital role in its ability to achieve success, regardless whether it ..... Read more

Brand Reputation Audit: 3 Effective Tactics You Should Use

A brand reputation audit helps you determine your audience’s sentiment towards your company or product or service. Performing such audit has never been easier thanks to the adoption of digital platforms such as social networks and search engines. (If you're new to digital, here are 4 ..... Read more

Brand Relevance in a Social Media Age

These days it matters even more to invest resources towards crafting your brand and there is one very simple reason: social media is unforgiving. A brand must be relevant, which means you should conduct a brand audit from time to time to review and refresh. Too often, a brand refresh goes no further than a new logo. The customer experience must be at the centre of your branding efforts. Read more

How to Create Your Corporate Style Guide

A style guide outlines the correct portrayal of your brand in written and visual communications including your website, printed documents, email, marketing materials, and more. These materials represent your company and are the first point-of-contact most potential customers and partners will have with your business. Read more

Does your brand have a voice?

Your brand voice is a key element of your brand identity. It helps determine how consumers relate to you and helps differentiate your business in a marketplace full of competitors all clamoring for customers’ attention. In order to stand out from the crowd, your brand voice should be unique, well defined, and instantly recognizable to your audience, just like a friend or close associate. Read more