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how to track subdomain in google analytics

How to setup subdomain tracking in Google Analytics

How to setup subdomain tracking in Google Analytics Sometimes you might be in a situation when you would like to report data from your subdomain along with your main website domain. It could be, or or any other example. By default, Google ..... Read more

4 Ways to Leverage Google Analytics to Improve SEO

Google Analytics is an effective tool for generating valuable visitor data and providing information that helps you create actionable steps to improve digital marketing performance. When it comes to improving your SEO results, it’s important to understand visitor behavior: how customers find ..... Read more

Why Every Marketer Needs Attribution Models

While the array of digital channels has allowed companies to target audiences easily, it has created difficulties for brands when they need to evaluate the effectiveness of each digital outlet. To pinpoint each channel’s impact to the final sale or business objective, marketers need to utilize attribution models. Read more

Best 5 Google Analytics KPIs for Digital Marketers

While Google Analytics has made measuring marketing performance easier, many marketers have difficulty finding the proper metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their marketing initiatives. Here are five KPIs you can start using today to measure your marketing performance. Read more

Does Your Bounce Rate Suck? Segment and See

Ah, the mysterious Bounce Rate. Here’s the official definition from Google Analytics: Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site. In other words, the percentage of visitors who came, looked at one page, and left. Read more

5 key web analytics and what they mean for your digital marketing strategy

Your website is the hub of your online marketing activity. It’s critical that you measure the performance of your site using web analytics to determine the success of your marketing campaigns and make timely adjustments as needed. Use Google Analytics to monitor the following five key metrics to find out which of your digital marketing efforts are working for you and which ones need work. Read more