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BlackBerry’s Breakup with Alicia Keys Could Mean a Return to its Business Roots

BlackBerry today announced it’ll depart ways with Alicia Keys, renowned singer and global creative director at the company. The artist has tried to help BlackBerry improve its brand awareness and consumer interaction by encouraging her fans to take photos of themselves with their BlackBerry phones and submit them to her so she could use them in her music video. 
Though Alicia Keys can still contribute to BlackBerry’s turnaround by leveraging her influential power, she doesn’t fit BlackBerry’s current goals. According to Reuters, BlackBerry is planning to gear their products towards businesses, governments, and other large organizations. Hence, although Alicia Keys is a marketing powerhouse in the consumer market, she’ll create minimal impact in the B2B world.
The end of the relationship could mean that BlackBerry will focus on business customers. By solely manufacturing business phones, BlackBerry can become more focused on their business clients and develop stronger relationships with specific distribution channels.