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Advice to Content Writers Who Want to Write Content Quickly – by a Content Writer

If there’s only one thing we can learn from Bill Gates, it would be “content is king.” By creating useful content, you can extend your reach, nurture positive relationships with current customers, and establish yourself as industry leaders. That said, while content creation can be extremely beneficial to your brand, it can also be difficult. Content creators often encounter a writer’s block after writing thousands upon thousands of articles regarding similar topics. Here are 3 tips that can help you create content more easily and quickly:
  1. Come up with a content calendar

    At Smartt, we have a content calendar that gives us a good picture of the types of content we need to create in the next few weeks. This enables us to reduce the amount of time required to brainstorm daily and focus primarily on researching and creating good-quality content. Moreover, it allows us to write ahead. You can also adopt this approach by doing a quick analysis on the different topics that your audience is interested in and the potential topics that may become trendy in the near future. This can help you come up with an array of topics for the next few weeks so that you can save time thinking of topics on a daily basis.
  2. Write an opinion article on recent news

    If you’re a loyal Smartt reader, you’ll know that we cover news stories quite frequently. We cover stories such as Instagram’s new messaging service, Facebook’s video ads, and Line’s new currency for video commercials. This enables us to inform our readers on the latest technology and business news. Moreover, it allows us to formulate articles quickly that people are likely to be interested in so that we can engage with them on a daily basis. By reading renowned online publications such as Mashable, TheNextWeb, and Social Media Today, we can quickly identify news that fit our readers’ interests and come up with an abstraction, or opinion piece, based on the news article. This is an easy approach that can help content writers produce articles on the fly and create content that will be well-received.
  3. Substitute textual content with visual content

    As opposed to creating articles all the time, you can use visual content. You can take photos, create videos, produce infographics, or create other visual content that can help you engage with your audience. This approach is particularly useful if you’ve a large Facebook community as Facebook fans are more engaged with visuals than contextual content. Based on our experience, visual content receives 3 to 4 times more engagement on Facebook than textual articles. However, if you don’t have time to take photos with a digital camera and upload them onto your Facebook page or create other forms of visual content, you can use Instagram. By using this photo app, you can take photos easily and  upload them directly onto your Facebook page. This will help you develop a large Facebook photo album quickly and humanize your brand. 
Aside from your typical marketing tactics such as display advertisements and Facebook contests, content marketing is marketers’ go-to tool to create a buzz about their offerings. This is why global companies such as Virgin Mobile, American Express, and Marriott have adopted this technique to bolster their awareness and recognition. That said, while content creation can be a prolific advertising approach, it can be difficult. Content writers can struggle with coming up with new, fresh ideas to entice their readers. Thankfully for the 3 approaches above, content writers can overcome their writer’s block and come up with topics quickly, find topics that relate to the audience, and use visuals to boost customer engagement. This will help writers continue to build a strong relationship with their readers and strength their voice in their industry.