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5 Surprisingly Simple Tactics to Improve Your Tweet’s Click-Through Rate

5 ways to manage your Facebook” and “3 ways to write content” are common tweets that we see today. While these tweets can convey a company’s message clearly, they lack the potency and necessary elements that induce users to click through a shared link. Here are 5 tips that can help marketers improve their tweets’ click-through rates:
  1. Select the right words

    According to TheNextWeb, certain keywords are more popular and powerful than others. Words such as “smart,” “surprising,” “critical,” and “check out” are popular terms that can induce greater shareability and click-through rate. Why? Most likely because these terms are more proactive (i.e. check out), unique (i.e. smart), and urgent (i.e. critical) and can make people more interested in reading the content.
  2. Use the words “why” and “how”

    Over-used terms such as “why” and “how” are over-used for a reason – they’re effective. By using these terms in your tweets, you can arouse your readers’ curiosity and develop their interests in consuming your content. This is key in getting people to read your articles because if they aren’t interested in your content, why’d they read it?
  3. Use numbers

    According to a research study, people respond better to numbers. Digits and specific numbers give people a more concrete idea of what to expect. Tweets such as “10 ways to Increase Your Facebook Fans” and “5 Simple Things that Can Make You Happy Everyday” are effective in showcasing your content’s purpose. This in turn can make your readers more likely to click on your article.
  4. Make an announcement

    Stating something has just arrived is a great approach to arouse curiosity. Tweets that include phrases such as “finally here,” “just arrived,” and “here at last” are robst ways of encouraging your readers to become excited over the new tips you’ve formulated, a new product you’ve released, or a news update you’ve written. This will induce your readers to develop interest in your content which in turn will motivate them to click through your shared link.
  5. Use more verbs than nouns

    Social media scientist Dan Zarrella examined 200,000 tweets that included shared links and discovered that links with more adverbs and verbs had higher click-through rates than links with more nouns and adjectives. How come? Most likely because verbs create a sense of action and excitement that our brains crave for. Terms such as “roll out,” “introduce,” “unveils” are prime examples of “exciting” verbs that can arouse your readers’ excitement.
As a prolific marketer, your job is to come up with approaches that cut throw the noise and deliver your brand message seamlessly to your audience. Undoubtedly, this is harder said that done. Fortunately with the 5 simple tips above, you can use active verbs, digital numbers, and announcements to effectively deliver your content and its message to your consumers. This will further help you get an edge in today’s ever-changing, competitive business environment.