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4 Effective Ways Advertisers Can Take Advantage Of Facebook’s Custom Audiences

Facebook yesterday announced its Custom Audiences targeting feature is available to all US advertisers while brands overseas will have this function by the end of November. Companies of all sizes will then be able to target their customers using Facebook advertisements.
To use this advertising feature, all businesses have to do is upload customer information such as email or phone number and they’ll be able to showcase Facebook ads to matched users regarding their company website, Facebook page, or mobile app. Moreover, businesses can now use their MailChimp mailing lists to show Facebook ads to these customers.
Here are 4 ways advertisers can take advantage of Facebook’s new updates:


  1. Expand customer-base

    The new targeted-advertising feature will allow you to create advertisements specifically for prospects while excluding your existing customers from your advertising campaign. You can add your current customer list to your Facebook advertising campaign so that they don’t see your ads. This enables you to produce advertisements specifically to enhance brand awareness. To improve brand awareness, you can create simple ads with your brand logo, name, and slogan. However, if you want to arouse interest and encourage potential consumers to sign up to your mailing list or purchase your goods or services, you can showcase your products or services. 

  2. Retain clients

    You can use Facebook’s new targeted-advertising feature to create ads geared towards your existing clients. By using your MailChimp mailing list or manually plugging in particular customers’ email addresses or phone numbers, you can promote products or services most suitable to these customers. For instance, if you’re a consumer electronics store and have recently sold printers to 15 customers, you can use Facebook’s advanced targeted-advertising function to cross-sell other products such as ink cartridge or scanner. This will help your deliver more value to your customers and convert them into proponents.

  3. Replace Google AdWords

    With Facebook improving its advertising platform, it may be optimal for advertisers to start using Facebook instead of Google AdWords. By using Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature, you’ll be able to showcase interactive, visually-appealing advertisements as opposed to text-heavy AdWords ads. Additionally, you’ll be able to showcase advertisements in a social setting, making your ads less intimating and more engaging. This will likely increase your click-through and conversion rates.

  4. Increase mobile advertising

    With 46% of consumers now using their mobile devices to search exclusively, connecting with consumers through mobile advertising is becoming increasingly important. By using Facebook’s enhanced targeted-advertising feature, you will be able to effectively promote your brands to mobile users. Moreover, you’ll be able to target local shoppers. For instance, you’re a Vancouver apparel retailer, you can create mobile Facebook ads to promote your current sales event to only Vancouver customers. This will help you encourage these customers, and only these customers, to visit your store while they’re out shopping or dining.


In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.

David Ogilvy

Although advertising continues to change rapidly, its main purpose remains the same: sell, sell, and sell. By using Facebook’s new targeted-advertising feature, brands and advertisers will be able to further target consumers with highly customized ads. This in turn will help advertisers push consumers across the sales funnel and turn them into die-hard customers.