Our team members join us because they seek growth: for themselves, for our clients, and for the company. Working at Smartt allows them to become an embodiment of 21st century business success by utilizing a fusion of creativity, logical thinking, and real-world results.

Every day at work, a Smartt Consultant gets to:

Lead our clients to solve their thorniest challenges.

Collaborate with other experts and learn from every project.

Make a difference to client results through innovative solutions or education.

We Aren’t Your Usual Agency or Consulting Firm

There’s no shortage of marketing agencies, design shops, and IT consultants. Our team members are drawn to Smartt because of who we are as an organization.

We’re All A-Players

We hire carefully and slowly. We know that to grow, we can only accept A-players who share our vision, our values, and our skills. Our clients place their trust and confidence in our team members, because every recommendation a Smartt consultant implements has the potential to impact business results – positively or negatively. At all times results-driven, Smartt team members have the skills, knowledge, and professionalism our clients can depend on.

We Receive Exceptional Training

Smartt team members are prepared for solving the most challenging problems because they train in a broad spectrum of digital fields. We develop our team members into leaders by constantly exposing them to projects and training scenarios that reflect the demands of real-world client engagements: measurable outcomes with limited time, resources or information.

New team members learn to synthesize their knowledge quickly and apply it to practical everyday situations through our Measurable Success Onboarding Program.

We Believe In Measurable Results

The motto “Measurable Results” is a commitment to the success of our clients and the personal growth of our team members. Our clients depend on us for results, but Smartt is only as capable as those who join our ranks. If we’re a good fit for each other, we will invest in you and your future – including your skills, education, financial security, and well-being.

9 More Great Reasons to Join Smartt

  • 15 Days of vacation a year
  • Comprehensive medical and dental plan
  • Free @home Internet connection
  • Social outings and events such as paintball, bowling, and BBQ
  • Library of over 600 business, marketing, IT, and design books
  • Extremely agile and collaborative culture
  • Great teammates to exchange ideas with
  • Challenging client and incubation projects to work on
  • Cool “cloud room” with 2 projection screens, a sofa, a waterfall, and a foosball table

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