Technical Account Manager

Job Title
Technical Account Manager

Job Title
Technical Account Manager
SMARTT is a looking for a Technical Account Manager who can help Smartt’s clients break barriers and orbit higher by envisioning and executing technology improvement programs at rocket speed.
This role takes a special breed of Mobilizers with passion for tomorrow and an endless drive of energy to realize that future step by step, relationship by relationship, objective by objective. See yourself as a newly minted Lieutenant on the battlefield, with a kick-butt squad (your Technical Subject Matter Experts), and heavy artillery (our Platform as a Service Infrastructure) supporting you. We won’t promise you a rose garden because it will be your job to turn chaos into order and transform that order into measurable results. To the Technical Account Manager, every situation is an opportunity, and every opportunity may eventually become our client’s competitive advantage in their respective industry.
Years of Experience
Key Responsibilities


*Build Great Relationships* *Grow You Accounts* *Manage Tasks* *Create Continuous Improvements*

1) Build Great Relationships with Clients:

  • Know the customer inside out: Continuously learn and update understanding of the client’s business.
  • Facilitate information: Serve as conduit for information that flows between client and Smartt. Represent collective Smartt expertise to client and client expertise to Smartt
  • Codify knowledge: Manage and groom client documentation
  • Keep in touch: Have regular meetings and touchpoints
  • Show, not tell: Engage leaders by demonstrating value

Signs of Success: You know you are building relationships right when clients see you as the person who brighten up their day and can solve their thorniest problems every time you walk into the room.

2) Grow Your Accounts

  • Define Goals: Set digital goals and define next steps with client
  • Expand digital spend: Drive full stack adoption with clients. Generate client-facing budgets that reflect the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the customer’s entire technology fleet, including those not managed by us. Improve our share of the pie.
  • Identify Opportunities: Identify opportunities through research and by uncovering pain points in meetings
  • Initiate higher discussions: Have higher level discussions with clients on technology assessments of their business and what they need to do to improve
  • Transform: Map out Value Chain elements for clients and help them differentiate across their value chain using technology
  • Monitor and gauge client health: Always assume there are 10 competitors out the door to wrestle the account from us.
  • Mitigate risks: Help clients identify and manage the business impact of such risk and exposure
  • Trendspot: Gather industry and technology trends to see where revenue opportunities lie. Perform Industry Transitions Analysis for new technologies in client industries
  • Get referrals: Cultivate referral relationships

Signs of Success: You know you are growing the accounts right when clients increase their overall digital spend to build to transform their industry, and Smartt continues to get an increasingly share of the pie.

3) Manage Tasks

  • Initiate and coordinate: Initiate and coordinate work
  • Inform: Keep clients informed about tasks and be aware of remaining service hours for month
  • Manage Projects: Plan and manage projects and upcoming changes
  • Manage Expectations: Manage expectations to under-promise and over-deliver
  • Purchase: Manage hardware purchases
  • Prioritize and groom: Help prioritize tasks for account (if needed) by grooming backlog

Signs of Success: You know you have everything under control when client stay informed, tasks are performed on time, and you spend more time planning proactively than fighting fires.

4) Create Continuous Improvements

  • Automate: See which steps can be automated and initiate
  • Report: Create and improve internal performance dashboards
  • Differentiate: Identify continuous improvement opportunities in Smartt’s value chain differentiation
  • Improve Stack: Identify continuous improvement opportunities in Smartt’s Full Stack
  • Foster: Foster a strategic and creative environment
Education Level
Bachelor's degree
  • $60,000 - $85,000 per year, depending on experience
  • Extended health and dental
  • 15 paid days off per year
  • Free at home internet connection
  • Company funded education, certification and career development
  • Unparalleled growth opportunities
About You


  • Technical chops: This is a technical consulting and management role. Having technical chops in at least 1 or 2 area will earn you the respect you need to succeed with your technical team and with clients.
  • The macro: The ability to learn quickly, understand industry and technology trends, and synthesize a ridiculous amount of information fast
  • The micro: The ability to identify and focus on core issues after considering the macro. Someone who manages the flow from objectives to strategy and execution
  • Business minded: Can analyze companies based on the 3C’s (Company, Competitors, Customers) and identify pain points and solutions
  • Lives in the board room: Ability to elevate conversation with client’s leaderst
  • Value-driven: Ability to develop ROI driven business cases
  • Great presenter: Ability to develop presentations with winning themes
  • Great proposal writer: Ability to develop kick-ass proposals that win clients over
  • Lifetime learner: Always curious and inquisitive. A follower of business and technological trends. Continuously studies the client’s market, products, and competitors
  • Great leader: Can inspire the best work from others, regardless of title


  • Familiarity with ITIL v4
  • Coding experience
  • Deep expertise with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console
  • Annual Salary
    $70,000 - $95,000 per year, depending on experience

    Does this seem like a posisition that suits you? If you align with our values and this position please send us your resume!

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