By joining Smartt, you will create measurable results for yourself, our clients, and our Consulting Agency. But just as Smartt is not for everyone, not just anyone can join Smartt. Our interviewers look for candidates who display creativity, discipline and accountability. Desire and ambition to grow are also deciding factors in a candidate’s success.

Selection Criteria

Specifically, we look for candidates who are:

  • Educated or Skilled in Relevant Domains

    As a Digital Consulting Agency, we require highly skilled domain experts. You should come with all the competencies and experience specified in the job posting – or be willing to work harder to gain the required skills within 90 days.

    Real Life Story: One job candidate had an excellent attitude even though he lacked some of the skills required for the role. He got hired based on the promise that he would work extra hard to pick up the additional skills. He accomplished it within 60 days and scored very high in his first performance review.

  • Analytical

    You should love data, numbers, and thinking. If finding the root cause of a problem excites you, then you have great potential at Smartt.

    Real Life Story: Once a client came to us wanting better copy for his ads because other agencies had failed to lower his conversion costs with their copywriters. We took a step back and analyzed his ad performance. Then through careful segmentation and tracking, we cut his ad budget by 80% without impacting his sales at all.

  • Creative

    We love ideas – especially well-executed ideas. As much as we like people who think things through, we also like candidates with the decisiveness and willingness to take a leap into the unknown.

    Real Life Story: Our creativity isn’t limited to design and marketing. Our tech team regularly comes up with innovative ways to help clients solve their networking problems.

  • Demonstrated High-Achievers

    We look for individuals with a track record of working hard, playing hard, and doing what it takes – be it sports, extracurricular activities, or working in a restaurant kitchen to put themselves through college.

    Real Life Story Our staff come from diverse backgrounds but share one thing in common – a history of hard work and achievements, such as having successful careers at large companies, becoming a published novelist, producing theatre shows, starting multiple businesses as a teenager, playing sports, and seeing the world on a merchant ship.

  • Passionate

    You should be passionate about the things you like – especially business, marketing, and technology.

    Real Life Story: Our team members are so excited about what they do at work that they carry this passion into their personal lives as well. They sit up late at night reading about the next big tech trend, take courses in marketing, attend industry events, and take projects the extra mile by putting in their own time to create something that will excite our clients.

  • Problem-Solvers

    You should be someone who is quick to figure out solutions, and resourceful enough to go out and find the right solution when you don’t know something.

    Real Life Story: Our Client Service Group recently faced a challenging problem: one of our clients migrated their IT infrastructure to our Private Cloud service, only to discover that their accounting software was not responding as quickly as it should. The group went into trouble-shooting mode: they narrowed down the problem from the network, to the computer and finally to the application level and made a recommendation that fixed the problem. It's not James Bond 007 work, but it sure feels good when you fix a tough problem!

  • Fast-Learners

    The digital world is always changing. If you don’t love reading and learning about business, technology, and marketing, you’d be happier working in an environment with a slower pace.

    Real Life Story: One of our team members started as an Administrative Assistant, quickly improved her written communication skills, and was promoted to Account Executive within three months. She was able to pick up the intricacies of this position so quickly that within a year she began taking on Project Management responsibilities.

  • Receptive to Feedback

    You must be receptive to taking direction and receiving feedback – lots of it.

    Real Life Story: By being receptive to the “red ink” on blog drafts, a team member increased the quality of his blog posts and the speed of writing (by 4 times!) – all within a few weeks of working at Smartt.

  • Resilient

    We are a growing company in a competitive industry. There will be many growing pains. If you’re the type who faces big challenges and a tough environment with a positive attitude, then you’ll feel right at home.

    Real Life Story: When he still worked in the tech support department, our CEO once drove for 11 hours to Alberta to support a client. He was treated rudely by a grumpy manager and sent off once he got there. Instead of accepting defeat, he convinced the client he could solve their problem. He was allowed in and the client was very happy with the results.

  • Accountable

    You should be willing to stand up and take charge of the results you generate – without blaming the client, the account executives, the budgets, or other factors you can’t control.

    Real Life Story: Each month the marketing department sets specific goals for the next 30 days. Results are measured weekly and deltas (things that need to be improved) identified. Individual team members also set personal goals based on department goals and deliver on their promises.

Selection Process

Having the right team makes all the difference, which means we need a thorough recruitment process to find those A-players. We don't hire someone to fill an empty seat; we prefer to keep positions open until we find the right person.

  • Resume Screening

    Smartt will review resumes and assess skills and experience. We use this step in the selection process to determine if an applicant possesses the minimum qualifications to fill the position. From here, we create a shortlist of candidates to interview over the phone.

    Tip: Write a great cover letter that shows why you’re the best candidate for the position you’re applying for and why you’re interested in the position at Smartt.

  • Phone Interview

    The phone interview allows us to get to know you a little better. It helps us evaluate if your goals are in alignment with ours, to learn more details about your work experience, and your knowledge level related to the position. We then create a shortlist of candidates who will complete some assessments from home.

    Tip: Be yourself and be authentic!

  • Assessments

    All potential Smartt team members complete the following standard assessments, for which you will receive the results.

    • Personality Test - We use this assessment to give us a little more information about you; this does not screen anyone in or out.
    • bWriting Sample - Good writing is a fundamental skill for every position. We want to know we can trust you to write professionally when engaging with internal and external clients.
    • Spelling and Grammar Test - This timed multiple choice test will help us learn if you really have those English language skills.
    • Watson-Glaser II - This online assessment measures your critical thinking ability, which is one of the strongest predictors of job success.

    The results of these tests, combined with the information gained through the resume and phone screening, help us decide who will come in for a face-to-face interview.

  • 1st Interview

    During this formal in-person meeting, your potential Reporting Person will interview to determine your knowledge level and cultural suitability with Smartt. We want to learn how you will contribute to our corporate objectives and how we can help you grow in your career. Depending on the position you have applied for, there may be another Smartt team member present and you may need to complete some additional assessments.

    Tip: Come prepared to ask us questions. We want you to evaluate us too!

  • 2nd Interview

    This is a less formal continuation of the 1st interview. You and your potential Reporting Person will get to know each other better to make sure that you will work well together. The candidate who has impressed us most will move on to the final step.

  • Reference Checks

    We want to speak with three people you have reported to most recently. If they verify all of the great things you’ve told us about yourself, then we will make you an offer.

  • Employment Offer

    We will give you a phone call and discuss our offer with you, then send you a written copy to sign and return to us.

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