No matter your specialization, as a Smartt team member you will help Smartt and its clients create measurable business results. You will collaborate with experts and also receive the training and experience needed for a successful career at Smartt and beyond.

Measurable Success Onboarding Program

Every new candidate goes through a comprehensive 18-month onboarding program with clear milestones and metrics. The program is designed to train, mentor, and evaluate Smartt team members. It prepares them for advancement within our Consulting Agency by addressing the following key areas:

  1. Compliance What is required

    Forms, benefits, company policy review, and other formal rules.

  2. Clarification What is expected

    Clarification of job description, company goals, and performance metrics so you can perform your job well.

  3. Culture How decisions are made

    Cultural immersion and explanation so your decision-making process and actions are aligned with our corporate culture and values.

  4. Connection Who to connect with

    Activities with your team mates to build lasting social and professional relationships with other A-players.

  5. Challenge What to tackle next

    Growth and learning opportunities so you can continue to learn and be challenged.

The Measurable Success Onboarding Program is tied in to each candidate’s overall Self-Development Program, Performance Review, and Career Path.

Ongoing Professional Development

Smartt team members are exceptional digital and IT consultants because they continually seek self-improvement, both on the job and outside of work. The success of our projects depends on the judgment of our team members, which they can enhance by continually gaining more knowledge. Because the best consultants are “T-shaped” individuals – with deep expertise in one specialization and a good understanding of many other disciplines, Smartt provides its team members with advanced opportunities to continue their education, including:

  1. Professional development courses, seminars, certifications and workshops
  2. The Smartt Library: A collection of over 600 books on business and specialized disciplines
  3. Personalized self-development program: Readings, exercises, and projects assigned by their Reporting Person
  4. Mentorship

Smartt at Work

Measurable Results distinguishes Smartt from any other consultancy or agency. We are business managers first, creative geniuses and technical experts second.

Small, Agile Scrum Teams

Smartt team members depend on each other when they work on projects, and nowhere is this commitment more evident – or critical – than in a Smartt Scrum Team. A Smartt Scrum Team is a group of 3 to 9 people working together on a project. They work in sprints where they set their goals based on the project objectives and figure out the best way to achieve them. Together, the team works cross-functionally to bring measurable results.

 Business Value

The agile concept of "Business Value" ensures every team member has a clear understanding of project objectives at the beginning of each project and the latitude to take the best course of action to accomplish it after assessing the risks and potential impact of the desired action. As a result, Smartt team members can maintain a focus on the rapid delivery of business value (“bang for the buck”) for clients amidst a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape.

Living Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world – with our clients, with the community, and with ourselves:

  • Tell the truth. Deliver the client business value in each iteration. Accept two-sided accountability.

  • Lead by example. Lead where others cower. Overcome fear and resistance. Never stop helping clients evolve.

  • Work in embedded teams. Share your expertise, reveal all options. Develop and coach one another. Share knowledge with clients so we grow by necessity.

Smartt’s Environment


At Smartt, team members work in a newly-renovated, open concept office that makes it easy to interact, from discussing current projects to the hottest tech gadgets. Collaboration happens with the person sitting next to you, with a member from the leadership team, and with our international team members via Skype. In our Vancouver office, you can expect:

  • A foosball table, where things get very competitive
  • Sticky notes on the wall, especially whenever there’s a big project
  • Board games in the lunch room
  • Comfy couch and small wall fountain in our team “cloud room”


Not only is the work at Smartt inherently challenging, but the leadership team constantly challenges team members to do their best work and be their best selves, both personally and professionally.


Team members support each other, and receive support from the leadership team. We have an open door policy where we talk freely about how to solve client problems and what type of professional development activities we're currently pursuing.


We like to work hard but we also have fun. Our team members are always coming up with new and creative activities we can do together. We have a roster of annual events, and lots of ad hoc happenings (like our Who Wants to be Colonel Sanders contest - could you tell the difference between Church's Chicken and KFC?)

Other company events include:

  • Monthly company breakfast
  • Smartt Olympics
  • Paintball
  • Group lunches where food mysteriously appears
  • Summer BBQ with Best Burger competition
  • Holiday parties
  • Pot lucks, because we have a lot of foodies

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