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5 SEO Tools Every Digital Marketer Must Know

According to Search Engine Watch , a website's organic traffic share improves from an average of 2.4% to 33% as the website increases its search ranking from the tenth to the first spot. For example, if you rank number ten for the keywords “Vancouver sushi restaurant,” you’ll ..... Read more

Samsung Mocks Apple -- Again

Samsung has released a series of ads to poke fun at Apple and the line of new products unveiled at Apple’s event on Tuesday, September 9. One ad mocks Apple for being unoriginal and launching a phablet like every other phone company, another points out Apple’s failure to deliver a positive user experience by not including a stylus for its Apple mobile devices, while a third highlights slow charging. Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing News from Last Week (September 8)

Didn't have time to read marketing news last week? No worries. Here are the top 10 digital marketing news from last week: Google Introduces AdWords Callout Extensions Organic Search Drives 51% of Traffic to Websites [Study] Google Extends Nearby In-Store Product Listing Ads to Desktops Under ..... Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing News from Last Week (August 25)

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Here are top 10 digital marketing news from last week for you enjoy on this gorgeous, sunny Monday morning! Report: Amazon Preparing to Tackle Google AdWords Twitter May Be Close to Unveiling a Native Shopping Service Fortune 500 Blogging Down 3% This Year, ..... Read more