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5 Easy Steps You Should Follow to Launch a Successful LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

A common challenge many small business-to-business (B2B) companies encounter is a tight marketing budget. Consequently, small B2B businesses must achieve a positive return from their paid ad campaigns because they can’t afford wasting resources. One of the optimal ways to prevent wasting your advertising dollars is by making sure you’re engaging a specific audience. Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing News from Last Week (November 3)

Instagram shooked the world last week by introducing video ads. This new ad feature will help brands engage with mobile users and gain larger consumer reach. In addition to Instagram's video ads, Tumblr also released auto play videos last week to help advertisers connect with more consumers. ..... Read more

Brand Reputation Audit: 3 Effective Tactics You Should Use

A brand reputation audit helps you determine your audience’s sentiment towards your company or product or service. Performing such audit has never been easier thanks to the adoption of digital platforms such as social networks and search engines. (If you're new to digital, here are 4 ..... Read more

Top 10 Digital Marketing News from Last Week (October 27)

In this week's top 10 digital marketing news, we feature the different consumption behaviour between Android and iOs mobile users, increase in ad revenue for Android, and growth in digital ad in Indonesia: Mobile Ads Report: Android Women Click More, iOS Women Spend More Yelp Has Strong Q3, 45 ..... Read more

AdWords Keyword Research: 3 Tools You Should Use

Your AdWords search ad appears whenever a user enters a search query that includes your AdWords keywords in the search box. For example, if you have bid on the keywords “Vancouver Furniture,” your advertisement (e.g. “Vancouver Dining Chairs - Only $85 each”‎) will ..... Read more