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How Canadian Brands Can Leverage Location-Based Advertising

Rogers Communications customers now can receive alerts to deals when they are near specific retailers. By subscribing to text messages that send deals to customers, Rogers users can first “check-in” using Foursquare and then receive discounts at six particular retailers that they are close by. Retailers include Rogers Wireless, Sears Canada, A&W Restaurants, The Second Cup Ltd., Future Shop, and Pizza Hut. Read more

How Twitter's IPO Will Impact You as an Advertiser

Twitter yesterday filed to raise $1 billion in initial public offering (IPO) in the coming weeks. The social network filed an S-1 form with Securities and Exchange Commission, which showed that Twitter generated $316.9 million in revenue in 2012 but lost nearly $80 million in profit during the same period. Read more

4 Killer Tips on Promoting Content through Social Media

On a cold, rainy afternoon on the first day of October, two writers from Vancouver began writing blog posts on how to take advantage of Google’s new search algorithm, “Hummingbird.” Both writers had impeccable writing styles and immense experience in content creation. However, one had significantly more views than the other. What went wrong? Read more
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Google Partners is here at last

Google yesterday announced the launch of Google Partners, a program dedicated to provide agencies and Web professionals with resources, support, and training. The program will enable agencies and digital marketing professionals to find all of their company’s resources within their accounts, including Google certifications as well as marketing and sales toolkits Read more
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Will Scribd's Partnership with HarperCollins help Publishers?

Scribd has become the Netflix for books. The social publishing service yesterday announced its partnership with a major publisher, HarperCollins, to carry a majority of HarperCollins US and HarperCollins Christian’s publications through its subscription service. This partnership will allow users to read unlimited books with an $8.99 monthly subscription fee. Read more

Top 10 Benefits of Online Marketing 2013

With the rise of digital media, brands can connect with consumers in ways beyond imaginable. Companies can now interact with clients overseas in real-time, sway consumer decisions with only 140 characters, and see how many supporters they have on this thing called Facebook. Here are the top 10 benefits of digital marketing over traditional media. Read more
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Facebook Graph Search Improves Social Search

Facebook today announced it will allow users to search for conversation topics within status updates, comments, and posts. With this update, Facebook users will be able to use Graph Search to find topics of interest using relevant keywords such as “posts about Larry Page” or simply “Larry Page.” Read more