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5 Must-Know Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

While many small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) understand the importance of content marketing , many lack the resources and expertise to develop an effecitve content marketing plan. We have interviewed Heather Martin, a SEO and content marketing expert with more than 20 years of marketing ..... Read more

5 Easy Ways to Fight Spam in WordPress

Comment spam is random comments posted on blogs, wikis, guestbooks, forms, or other online discussion boards. Some spammers do this to increase their website’s search ranking by including links back to their site. Others post to promote unrelated commercial products or links to malicious ..... Read more

4 Simple SEO Best Practices for WordPress Websites

WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS), offers a variety of features that let marketing teams optimize their search rankings and attract quality organic traffic. To help marketers improve their Wordpress websites’ search rankings, I suggest five techniques you should use: Select ..... Read more

Instagram Videos Now Loop Endlessly

Instagram videos will loop continuously now. According to Mashable, Instagram's most recent update to its iPhone app will let videos in users' feeds loop endlessly instead of displaying once and stopping. Read more

4 Implementation Essentials in Content Marketing

SEO best practices have shifted to emphasize content. Google and other search engines have always tried to return relevant results and these days content marketing and SEO are interconnected. That’s why developing and executing an effective content marketing strategy is one of the most ..... Read more