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4 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs a Content Calendar

Content creation can be difficult after writing thousands upon thousands of articles. However, it can be less challenging if a content writer uses a content calendar. By developing a content calendar, writers can reduce a tremendous amount spent on topic generation and headline creation. Here are 4 major reasons why every marketer needs to use a content calendar. Read more

7 Online Signs of a Hot Prospect

In addition generating inbound traffic through content and social media marketing, marketing teams have to assess the qualification of the visitors before passing them to the sales reps. A common technique that marketers use to is Lead Scoring. Read more

Why Every Company Needs to Build a Digital Roadmap

A digital roadmap is an 18-month marketing plan that allows a company to pan out all the different digital initiatives that they’ll implement in the near future. Tactics include remarketing advertising, social marketing, and content marketing. By creating a digital roadmap, a company can achieve these 5 major benefits. Read more

How Retargeting Ads Can Increase Your Sales

A major challenge that many eCommerce websites face is how to induce their abandoned visitors to complete their transactions. These websites attempt to encourage their previous visitors to finish the checkout process by sending them follow-up emails or text messages. Though these approaches can help persuade their bounced visitors to complete their orders, they aren’t as effective as retargeting ads. Read more