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3 Best Digital Marketing Practices in 2014

There has been an explosion of new channels in digital media which makes it challenging for companies who are trying to find the best mix of digital media channels to promote their brand. Although there are many options available, we recommend focusing on these three best practices in 2014 to help you achieve business goals. Read more

6 Kinds of Web Traffic that Every Company Should Maximize

According to the theory,F.R.Y. which stands for frequency, reach, and yield, there are only 3 ways to increase revenue. You have to either increase the frequency in which customers buy your products, increase your audience size, or increase the average purchase value. Audience size is particularly important because if you have a large audience, it makes a bigger difference when you increase purchase frequency or average purchase value. Read more

7 Major Components to Consider in a Social Media Audit

Aside from promoting content and interacting with fans on social networks, marketers have to conduct social media audits to see if they’re generating positive results from their social campaigns. Here are 7 major aspects marketers need to consider when conducting a social media audit. Read more

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Sales

A website is no longer just a digital catalogue that enables a retailer to showcase its product line. It's also a sales platform that helps merchants convert visitors into buyers. However, while a website can be a powerful sales channel, many brands aren't using it effectively. Here are 6 chief reasons why your website isn't converting. Read more

4 Shocking Predictions on the Future of Advertising

Yesterday, BCAMA held their advertising panel to discuss the future of advertising. The marketing organization invited seasoned advertising professionals from four large, reputable advertising agencies: DDB Canada, Rethink, Grey Vancouver, and St. Bernadine. Here are these panelists’ predictions on the future of advertising. Read more

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Digital Marketing?

While more and more companies want to improve their bottom-line through digital marketing, many businesses lack the resources to perform various digital marketing initiatives in-house. To overcome this impediment, businesses are seeking help externally. Here are 4 occasions when you should outsource their digital marketing. Read more