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How to Determine the Best Channels for Reaching Your Audience

Selecting suitable channels is a major challenge for brands today. Without leveraging effective digital channels, you may showcase display advertisements on forums that your audience doesn't visit or create social media sites that your customers don't use. This could cause you to waste a tremendous amount of ad dollars. Here are 3 ways to build your list of channels. Read more

3 Marketing Metrics You Need to Check More Often

One major benefit of digital marketing is its ability to let brands measure marketing performance precisely. Everyone monitors pageviews, percentage of new visitors versus return visitors, referring sites. Here are three metrics that you should monitor to acquire deeper insights. Read more

To Marketers Who Want to Start Their Digital Journey

Marketers today need to do more than buying media, writing newspaper advertisements, or creating direct mails; they’re growing social media communities, launching and managing pay-per-click campaigns, and running remarketing ads on Twitter. If your marketing program needs to enter the digital era, here are 4 tips to get you started. Read more

Why Every Marketer Needs Attribution Models

While the array of digital channels has allowed companies to target audiences easily, it has created difficulties for brands when they need to evaluate the effectiveness of each digital outlet. To pinpoint each channel’s impact to the final sale or business objective, marketers need to utilize attribution models. Read more

2 Major Signs that You Need an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing offers an array of advantages that traditional media doesn't. It enables companies to customize their advertisements for specific consumer groups, manage their ad expense based on their budget, and grow their own social communities. While digital marketing is highly beneficial to businesses, it's most effective when different digital marketing programs are integrated. Here are 2 signs that you need an integrated digital marketing strategy. Read more