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5 Marketing Experts at BCAMA Dish on Digital Disruptions

At an event hosted by the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA) last Thursday, six experienced marketers from six local agencies gave insightful advice on how brands should adapt to the future of digital marketing. Speakers included Darrell Hadden (Graphically Speaking), John Ounpuu (Blast Radius), Jamie Garratt (Idea Rebel), Dean Elissat (Engine Digital), and John Hossack (Cardinal Path). Here are some interesting perspectives from the presenters. Read more

Hurry! Split-Test These 5 Pages!

Although running split-tests can help you increase your conversion rates, they can be time-consuming and difficult to perform frequently. To save time, you can focus primilary on the following five pages. Read more

How Much Content Marketing Is Too Much?

Although content marketing is an effective tactic for engaging with current and prospective clients, it is time-consuming and can take away marketers’ time from developing other marketing initiatives. Here are three occasions when content marketing is too much. Read more

Throw Away Your Newspaper Ads, Digital Marketing is Here to Stay

Digital marketing offers a variety of features that traditional media doesn’t have. For example, digital marketing enables companies to target highly qualified consumers with tools such as Promoted Tweets. This allows brands to deliver their messages seamlessly to a specific audience and garner a greater return from their marketing programs. Read more