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Introducing 5 Custom Affinity Audiences that Will Help Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) Improve Marketing Performance

AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences is a built-in Google AdWords feature that lets you create custom audiences for your display campaigns. For example, if you’re a local café, you can use Custom Affinity Audiences to create a custom audience by entering website URLs of other cafés. Google ..... Read more

The One AdWords Feature You Should Use: Customer Match

Google AdWords has recently released a new advertising feature called Customer Match that lets you upload a list of customer emails and target your ads to those email users. When users login to their Google accounts, such as Google Search, Youtube or Gmail, using those emails, you will be able to ..... Read more

To Start-ups Who Want to Improve Their Branding

Developing a strong brand image, establishing targeted brand position, and gaining brand equity are critical to the success of a start-up; the achievement of these attributes will help you gain the brand value you need to attract potential customers and convert sales. To help start-up companies ..... Read more

4 Facebook Advertising Features Every Business Should Use

With 86% of its active user-base consisting of mobile users , Facebook has emerged as an effective advertising platform to reach mobile shoppers. Facebook offers a number of advertising options. Before discussing these options, I want to cover the benefits of using Facebook status updates to ..... Read more

5 Branding Best Practice Every Company Should Follow

A strong brand helps a company stands out from the crowd; consumers love brands that have a strong identity, trust the quality of the companies’ products, and believe in their superiority. How a brand is perceived plays a vital role in its ability to achieve success, regardless whether it ..... Read more