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Google Extends “Not Provided” to Adwords, Stops Reporting Paid Search Clicks Query Data

For the past few days, rumors have been going around the search engine marketing industry that Google would stop reporting search query data for paid search clicks, as it has already done for organic queries. Yesterday, Paul Feng, Product Management Director of AdWords, confirmed the rumor on the Ads Developer Blog and explained it was part of Google's efforts to keep search secure. Read more

Pinterest Promoted Pins Guidelines, Performance & Best Practices

Pinterest ads are expected to be rolled out during the next quarter, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Initially announced last September on its company blog, the company started testing its “Promoted Pins” last October with “a select group of partners”. Here is what the promoted content will look like. Read more

How to Configure Google Universal Analytics?

Universal Analytics allows webmasters and site owners to track users' behavior as they interact with content on desktops, mobiles, or other digital devices. We already covered the reasons why you should use Universal Analytics (or shouldn't), as well as the required steps to upgrade in a previous article, today we will go over the various customization options offered by Universal Analytics. Read more

Google Rolls Out Flexible Conversion Counting

Google announced on Tuesday on its Inside Adwords blog that the company is rolling out “flexible conversion counting”. The feature was first announced in an email sent on February 4th to a large number of advertisers, and is meant to provide more flexibility in counting conversion, and allow “easier to understand conversion column names”. Read more

Is marketing on Facebook still worth the effort?

We decided to go over some of the latest studies assessing Facebook’s performance on a few key metrics, as well as an experiment conducted to uncover the “click farm” market, in order to determine if Facebook is still worth the effort for brands and marketers, despite the recent criticism. Read more

9 Marketing Tips for Valentine's Day (Part 2)

Valentine's Day is less than a couple days away and customers have already started searching online for gift ideas. It is now time for Marketers to roll out their marketing initiatives and capitalize on Valentine's Day’s popularity. Read more