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Google Rolls Out Location Extension for Display Ads

Google announced last week the rollout of the new location extension for Adwords. The new extension allows advertisers to include photos and information such as business hours and store location directly in an ad. The new feature was made available last Tuesday for both Search and Display Networks ..... Read more

Google Introduces Adwords Callout Extensions

Google announced yesterday the roll out of the new callout extension for Adwords ads. The new extension allows advertisers to display additional information about products and services directly in the Adwords ads, and will be made available to all advertisers progressively over the next few weeks according to Google. Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

The new tweet analytics dashboard can be accessed at using your regular Twitter username and password. It is possible that you won’t see data for all of your previous tweets in the report, Twitter mentioned that the impression and engagement data will populate after your first time using the dashboard. From there, all impression and engagement metrics will be updated in real time. Read more

Google Rolls Out Adwords Distance Reporting & Location Bidding Controls

Google announced last week on its Adwords Google+ page the roll out of a new Adwords report and bidding options based on the distance to the searchers’ locations. The new report and targeting options are meant to “provide new insights and an easier way to enhance performance around each of your business locations”. The new Adwords report and targeting options are specifically tailored around the location extensions. With location extensions, advertisers are able to display their business locations directly in their ads, which allow them to “geographically target people located near the addresses in [their] location extensions, as well as set different bids for these potential customers”. Read more

Google & Ipsos Study: Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness

Google and Ipsos MediaCT, the market research division of Ipsos, have partnered to conduct 61 simulated search experiments throughout 2013 to identify and measure the impact of search advertising on brand awareness. During these experiments, they found out that search ads have a positive impact on top-of-mind awareness and unaided brand awareness. Read more

Google Autosuggest Manipulation: Is It A Legitimate Strategy?

Google Autosuggest or Autocomplete is a Google Search feature allowing searchers to find information quickly as they type their query, by seeing a list of related search prediction as seen below. The feature was originally introduced in September 2010. Quickly, some people started spreading rumors ..... Read more