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Drupal Panels: A Tutorial for Site Editors

Skill Level: Intermediate In our last Drupal blog , we demonstrated how to use blocks in Drupal 7 when you want to show content in a different region or add a new ‘block’ of content to your existing layout. If your theme doesn’t support the layout and regions you need, however, ..... Read more
Drupal Blocks

Drupal Blocks: A Tutorial for Advanced Content Editors

If you’ve ever wanted to move content around or add customized content to your website’s layout, there are 2 main options familiar to Drupal users: Blocks – part of Drupal 7 core Panels - a contributed module This blog helps site editors understand how to work with blocks and ..... Read more
Cars old and restored

How to Restore a Drupal Website After It’s Been Hacked

Security management has become a vital part of a website administrator’s role. With hacker attacks taking place every few minutes, Drupal administrators are finding there’s more to do when it comes to securing the site, troubleshooting, and resolving problems caused by malicious code. ..... Read more
Drupal back up images banner

How to Back Up and Restore a Drupal Website

In the old days, system administrators backed up files on a regular schedule so that they could recover after disk errors or a faulty software upgrade. Now that hacker incursions are so common, backups aren’t just good IT practice: they’re an essential part of security management . A ..... Read more

Drupal Security for Admins

“Drupal is designed to support enterprise level security.” What does it really mean when you’re accountable for the security of your Drupal website ? The Internet is a dynamic environment. Software changes, new threats appear, and your website maintenance needs to keep pace. A 100 ..... Read more

Git vs Subversion: A Management View of Version Control

We all know that the version control system (VCS) a development team uses impacts efficiency and workflow. From a management standpoint, however, it’s also important to know whether a VCS supports your business requirements. The decision to use a centralized or distributed VCS should ..... Read more
Flat design website

5 Tips for Clickable Flat-Design Websites

If you talk to a web designer these days, you’ll probably hear the term ‘flat design’. This current trend in web design strips out 3D effects such as shadows and gradients in favor of clean, strong colors and purposeful use of typography. Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro ..... Read more

Optimize Drupal with Regular Pruning

Any system will slow down without regular maintenance and Drupal is no exception. Yes, there’s a lot you can do without touching Drupal at all. Your Drupal website is just one layer of an infrastructure that includes a database, webserver, and operating system, not to mention the hardware ..... Read more
high bandwidth

Optimizing Bandwidth in Drupal

Website performance has been in the spotlight ever since Google made it clear that website response time has become an important SEO factor. As if that wasn’t enough, then they added mobile-friendliness to the list of factors just as we’re being told that content with images get better ..... Read more