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How To Easily Use AdWords PLAs On Mobile Devices

Google recently rolled out new features for product listing ads. Now the company has launched an updated display for you to highlight your products with PLAs on smartphones too. With this new update, users can find your products without having to leave the search results page and also see larger images while on mobile phones. Read more
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How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Higher Search Rankings

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A well-organized YouTube channel can support your inbound traffic program and SEO activities. Many small businesses are creating video content but not optimizing them properly. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your YouTube videos for better search rankings. Read more

Google Goes Local With Its Product Listing Ads

Google has announced two new local features for product listing ads (PLAs) to a limited number of local U.S. stores. Now when people search for a product on Google, they may see a Product Listing Ad for a local store and by clicking on the ad, Google will take them to a brand new “local storefront” where they can browse items in the store’s inventory before visiting in person. The features will work on both desktops and smartphones. Read more

E-Commerce and SEO Tips for the Holidays

Christmas is always important to retailers as holidays sales can account for as much as 40% of a store’s annual revenue. Since many optimization tactics may take time to execute and see results for, you should try to get a head start as soon as possible if you run an e-commerce site. Below are 6 ways to gear up your SEO efforts for the upcoming holiday season. Read more