Rent-A-Nerd on Cyber Monday

Rent-A-Nerd on Cyber Monday

Michael Romaniuk & Ray Raggett had the pleasure to sit down with hosts Christian Redshaw & Dominic Vogel for an episode of Cyber Monday.

In many previous Cyber Monday episodes, Christian Redshaw & Dominic Vogel have discussed the relationship between Information Technology and Cyber Security, as well as the distinct differences between these two business functions.

Now, for the first time on the show, they put an IT Managed Service Provider on the hot seat to get clear answers directly from an IT perspective. Important questions are answered including:

  • What questions should a business ask when selecting an IT provider?
  • What are some things to avoid and some red flags to watch out for?
  • What does a healthy relationship between IT and the business look like?
  • And finally: What is an IT provider’s perspective of, and approach to cyber security?

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