Pricing and How to Get the Most from Smartt

Finding the right marketing and IT partner can be a challenging task. On this page, you will find information on what we do, how much it will cost, and what you can expect from our relationship.

For a list of our service packages and pricing details, please visit our Service Catalogue.


Brand Strategy

Our full brand strategies start at $10,000.

Brand Identity

Our fees start at $2,000. Brand ID pieces could include logos, brochures, letterheads, product packaging, and sales presentations.

Web Design

Website Audit

We have various types of audits available starting at $1,000.

Website Planning

Website planning is included for simple web development projects.
For larger websites, planning accounts for 10% - 20% of total implementation costs.

Web Design &

Simple Wordpress and Drupal websites start at $5,000 - $15,000. E-commerce and more complex projects start at $15,000.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our audits start at $5,000.

Digital Marketing
Strategy Roadmap

Our full digital strategy roadmap starts at $15,000.

Digital Marketing

Our monthly digital marketing programs start at $1,000 per month excluding media spend.

IT Service

IT Audit

IT audits start at $10,000.

IT and Web Service

IT service management available. Web Service management (Flexhours) start at $400/month.


Server co-location starts at $450/month.
Private cloud solutions start at $146/month.

How to Get the Most from Smartt

  • Determine your specific goals and objectives (and their reasons)
    Telling us specifically what you are trying to achieve helps us see if it is something we can deliver. Knowing the reasons and motivations behind your goals and objectives helps us create alignment and understand your priorities.
  • Let us know your timeline and budget:
    Knowing your timeline and budget allows us to help you prioritize the tactics, activities, and technical features based on business value and potential ROI. This will also help us align the right skills, expertise, and personnel to help you fulfill your objectives.
  • Start small:
    Many of our best clients have first tested for alignment with us by getting audits from us, taking our workshops, or starting with a small campaign or two.
  • Connect us with decision makers:
    Our clients generally see better results when they give us access to decision makers as early as possible. This helps our experts gain stakeholder support and agreement early on so your initiatives see better results.
  • Share data and metrics:
    We work best when we are presented with data and metrics we can use. The more we know about your current situation and results, the better work we will be able to do.

Next Steps

Contact us today and set up a confidential and no-obligation discussion on how Smartt may solve your marketing and IT challenges. We look forward to working with you.

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