14 Apr 2014

5 Ways Digital Marketing has Affected Traditional Marketing Practices

Marketing professionals have been dealing with major shifts in technologies and communication channels. The pace of change is relentless and whenever Google, Facebook, or some other service announces an innovation, it feels as though they’ve just invalidated everything we only just managed to learn. 

10 Apr 2014

Google Extends “Not Provided” to Adwords, Stops Reporting Paid Search Clicks Query Data

For the past few days, rumors have been going around the search engine marketing industry that Google would stop reporting search query data for paid search clicks, as it has already done for organic queries. Yesterday, Paul Feng, Product Management Director of Adwords, confirmed the rumor on the Ads Developer Blog and explained it was part of Google’s “efforts to keep search secure”.

3 Apr 2014

How We Improved Our Social Media Performance with These 3 Tools

Do you want to see what bloggers or Twitter users are saying about your brand? Do you want better results from your online social interactions? Here are three social media tools that will give you more insights from your social media marketing.